Do it yourself Guitar and Bass Kits. There are several types of kits to choose from. The economy kits - The easiest kits to start with and the lowest cost kits as well. These are great to start with if it is your first time. Although we do not manufacture these kits ourselves, we do find that for the price these are very good to begin with and we have seen some people really make some great instruments out of them. There are options available to these kits as well to bring higher quality components to the build. The intermediate kits - Kits like our J. Frog, 5150 and Frankenstrat. Generally starting in the $700.00 price range, these kits generally feature USA made necks, bodies and higher quality components than what you will find in the economy lines. We try to make these kits as easy as possible and we do offer over the phone support for our customers should they have any questions. There are options to these kits as well that yield a more custom and personalized instrument. The high end kits - This is where is gets a little tricky, not so much in the "do it yourself" building process, but in terms of the cost. Because we are a full service custom shop, we can take a build to the level that you would like it. These are not limited to, but can include hand made necks and bodies for bolted, set neck and even neck through body designs. because of the custom nature of these "partial" custom builds the costs can vary widely. It would be best to give us a call when designing a custom made kit. Link to Roman Historic Site Kit Page: Guitar and Bass Kits Link to Roman Historic Site High End Kit Page: High End Kits All in stock Saga Guitar Kits are on sale, take a look at the listings for extra discounts!

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