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This new arrivals page is a place where we will put some of the new things we have to offer.  It may include completed custom builds, new and used stock instruments, parts and other products.  Please call us at 702-597-0147 M-F 9am to 5pm if you would like to place an order or if we can be of any assistance.  You can click on the links or the photos to take you to the instrument's product page.

This just in...

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Antonio Loriente Marietta C

Antonio Loriente Marietta C

Ibanez 2846-12 Vintage 1976

Ibanez 2846-12 Vintage 1976

Ramirez Madrid 4E

Ramirez Madrid 4E

JET Earlewood Supreme with Beautifully figured Maple in Caribbean Burst

JET 290

JET Earlewood Supreme Highly Flamed Maple in Caribbean  Burst

JET EW023 Caribbean Burst

Mosrite Vintage Mark I Ventures Model in Candy Apple Red

Vintage Mosrite Mark I Ventures Model

Roman Custom Scorpion Rebel Hybrid

Roman Custom Scorpion Rebel Hybrid

Roman Blues Deluxe Spruce Top in Transparent Red

RVC Blues Deluxe

Eastman Roman Jazz Deluxe Custom

Eastman Roman Jazz Deluxe Custom

Fender 1998 Stratocaster Plus with New Custom Crash Style Graphic Paint Job

Fender Stratocaster Plus with Custom Graphic

Quicksilver Traditional Paul Crook Custom

Quicksilver Custom Paul Crook Custom

LSR EB-1 Lacewood Headless Custom Guitar.

LSR Lacewood Custom

Steinberger GM 4 in White

Steinberger GM4 White

Quicksilver Traditional with highly figured Quilted Maple top and Black Korina body.

Quicksilver Traditional Transparent Salmon

Gibson Les Paul Junior

Gibson Les Paul Junior


Recently acquired amplifiers which include the following:  Marshall JCM800 2204 &1960A in White, Engl Ironball and 112 cabinets, Peavey 5150 heads, 412 cabinets and Combo, Soldano Hot Rod 50 Plus Snakeskin and 412 cabinet, Hughes & Kettner 412 cabinets and Puretone heads, Blades Firebolt, Line 6, Ampeg, SWR.

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Epiphone ES-333 Riviera Tom Delonge Signature model contest guitar distressed by Tom Delonge and signed by Angels & Airwaves.

Epiphone ES-333 Riviera Distressed by Tom Delonge

Washburn USA Custom Shop DD NY Yankees Signed by NY Yankees Hall of Fame Member Wade Boggs!

Washburn USA Custom Shop NY Yankees Signed by Wade Boggs

Washburn DD67 Signature model 7 string previously owned by Paul Crook in Meatloaf used on "If it Aint Broke, Break It" and "Bat Out of Hell III".

Washburn DD67 Signature Model used by Paul Crook

Fender Mastergrade Custom Telecaster Gold Sparkle & Leopard Fur...Awesome!

Fender Custom Telecaster Gold Sparkle & Leopard Fur

Fender Jazzmaster Vintage Reissue Dakota Red.

Fender Vintage Reissue Jazzmaster

Fender Jazzmaster Three Color Sunburst.

Fender Jazzmaster Three Color Sunburst

Fender Jaguar Candy Apple Red.

Fender Jaguar Candy Apple Red

J. Frog Skull & Bones.

J. Frog Skull & Bones

Eastman Roman Blues Deluxe, low serial number.

Eastman Roman Blues Deluxe

Kramer KS400 in Sunburst.

Kramer KS400 in Sunburst

Jackson DK Series in Eerie Dess Swirl.

Jackson DK Series Eerie Dess Swirl

Jackson Custom Select RR1T with Transparent Matte Black Finish and Solid Black bevels, amazing looking instrument!

Jackson RR1T Custom Select

Just completed!  New Roman Blues Deluxe with all top end features and options!  Available now!  Click the photo to take you to this instrument's detail page.

Roman Blues Deluxe

This just in, a vintage 1984 Hamer USA Blitz Guitar.  Signed by the band Krokus.  Click the photo to take you to the instrument's information page!

Hamer USA 1984 Blitz

Another recent acquisition, the Fender Jerry Donahue Hellcaster Limited Edition Stratocaster.  One of the most interesting Fender guitars made in recent years.  Click the instrument's photo to take you to it's informational page!

Fender Jerry Donahue Hellcaster Limited Edition

Roman Guitars is very happy to announce that we are now carrying Madison Amplifiers!  Click the Madison logo to take you to our Madison Amps product page!

Madison Amps

Rickenbacker John Lennon 355/12JL Limited Edition Signature Model.  Click on the photo to take you to this instrument's product page!

Rickenbacker John Lennon Signature Model

Roman Lowrider Bass with Tension Free Neck and Beautiful Quilted Maple Top.  Click on the photo to take you this instrument's product page!

Roman Low Rider 5 String Custom Bass

Roman Quicksilver Wanderer, the first Quicksilver Wanderer made with the Quicksilver Direct Coupled Neck Joint.  Click on the photo to take you to this instrument's product page!

Quicksilver Wanderer

New Pearlcaster Custom Build Available!

Roman Pearlcaster

If you would like to know more about this new in stock and on sale custom build, you can find it Here!

Warehouse Find!

Jackson KE-3 Limited Edition of 50

While technically not a "new arrival" we did just uncover this in our warehouse.  It is new albeit older stock, Jackson KE3M Yellow with Black Pinstriping on the front and back.  Japanese made and of excellent quality.  There were only 50 of these made originally so you won't find many of these in the wild.  Take a closer look here:  Jackson KE3M LTD. 50

Roman Guitars is now a Backbone Guitar Products Dealer!

T-Bone Studio $69.99

Stratobone $59.99

Backbone units are direct bolt on replacements for the stock neck plates of Tele and Strat style guitars.  Extending from the neck plate to the string ferrules on Teles and tremolo claw on Strats, they create a resonant, mechanical link between the neck, bridge and strings.  Machined from lightweight aircraft aluminum, their patented, revolutionary design produces greater clarity, improved tone, longer sustain and enhanced resonance, fitting any guitar using the industry standard dimensions for bolt on necks.  Invented and crafted in the USA, Backbone is affordable and totally non invasive, providing the resonant qualities of a neck-through design combined with the sound and feel of the world's most popular guitars.